C中的const限定词和C ++中的const限定词有什么区别?

I´ve found a comment of user R..:

C and C++ are not the same language. In particular, C const has nothing to do with C++ const.

I know, that one difference between the const qualifier in C and the const qualifier in C++ is its default linkage.

An object declared at namespace scope with const qualifier in C++ has internal linkage, while in C an object with const qualifier declared at global scope has external linkage.

但是在C和C ++语言之间,它们又有何不同?我认为两种语言在概念和目的上都具有相同的含义。


  • C中的const限定词和C ++中的const限定词有什么区别?

The answers to How does "const" differ in C and C++? do not point an exact difference between them the const qualifier in both languages.