Javascript:完全在当前时间= x停止HTML5视频

I want to play a HTML5 video in segments of x seconds. For example, start at t=0 and pause at t=x, then start at t=x and pause at t=2x. The problem is that the updates I receive with ontimeupdate don't match my intervals. There is one update short before the intended stop time and one update shortly after. I could just stop the video whenever currentTime >= x, but the problem here is that this stop point would fall into the new interval. The requirement for this task is to stop at the end of a given interval.

If stopping exactly at a given time is not possible, is there any way to determine the closest possible stop time before that time? That would still be better than stopping too late. I checked the deltas of currentTime (time between each ontimeupdate call), but these are not constant. I read somewhere else that the browser adapts this rate based on some optimization criterions, so that is probably hard to compute.

Background for this question is a tool that I want to develop. The user is shown a video and he is required to answer some questions for each x second interval of this video.