Spring 3.2-当两个Jackson 2罐都在类路径中时强制使用Jackson 1

I have essentially the opposite question of this - I need a way to force Spring 3.2 to use Jackson 1.x for everything even when 2.x jars are present in classpath. We have an older Spring 3.2 app developed using Jackson 1.9. It was running fine on Weblogic 12.1.3 but going to WLS 12.2 created problems because it bundles Jackson 2.9.9 jars in the app server modules dir - Spring 3.2.x seems to pick up the Jackson 2.x jars from the classpath and prefers to use that over 1.x jars which are also present. (One of the issues seem to be with the MappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter which throws UnknownPropertyException and I have tried using CustomObjectMapper ported over to Jackson2, tried setting context xml bean props etc. with no luck.)

如果我从Weblogic的安装中删除了Jackson 2.x jar,则该应用程序运行良好-显然,这不是我想要做的事情,因为它破坏了其他功能。由于缺少部分,我无法将代码完全移植到Jackson 2.x上-因此,我最好需要基于XML的解决方案或新的代码插件,而不是修改现有的解决方案。