EF Core 3,优化很多包含/然后包含


return await _ctx.Activities
            .Include(a => a.Attributes)
            .Include(a => a.Roles)
            .Include(a => a.Bookmarks)
            .Include(a => a.VideoMetas)
                .ThenInclude(vm => vm.Instances)
            .Include(a => a.ImageMetas)
                .ThenInclude(im => im.Instances)
            .Include(a => a.Procedure)
                .ThenInclude(p => p.Attributes)
            .FirstOrDefaultAsync(a => a.Id == id);

Which turns out to be very slow. In EF 6 you can do .Include(v => v.VideoMetas.Select(vm => vm.Instances) which is a bit faster (I guess, haven't looked at SQL Profiler and actual query tbh). How can I optimize that? I can also use EF Plus where it has .IncludeOptimized() but there is no version for .ThenInclude(). I heard I can use .Select instead of .Include() but really not sure how I can handle that in this query.