Python SDK Azure资源图响应不可迭代

我正在尝试使用Azure函数中的Azure资源图python SDK查询Azure订阅中的资源。使用Functions运行时的事实并不重要,代码也无法在本地运行。 查询本身很好地工作。但是,然后我想在后续步骤中使用结果,这就是我遇到的一个问题。

    credentials, *_ = get_azure_cli_credentials()

    subscription_client = SubscriptionClient(credentials)
    subs = [sub.as_dict() for sub in subscription_client.subscriptions.list()]
    subs_list = []
    for sub in subs:

    client = rg.ResourceGraphClient(credentials)

    request = QueryRequest(subscriptions=subs_list, query="resources | where type == ''| where properties.supportsHttpsTrafficOnly == 'false'")

    response = client.resources(request)


for resource in response:

This fails with Exception: TypeError: 'QueryResponse' object is not iterable. For reference:['data'])

This fails with Exception: TypeError: 'QueryResponse' object is not subscriptable. Anybody know how to use this response now? Thanks!