WSL上的git-lfs被Avast Free Antivirus阻止

The following problem suddenly turned up on my Windows 10 Laptop: I have been using the Windows Subsystem for Linux for years, and I've used git-lfs (git large file storage) on the WSL for several months now. However, starting today, when I try to do a git pull on the WSL with Avast (free version) activated on Windows 10, Avast kicks in and tells me that git-lfs is infected with ELF:Agent-AJO [Trj] after which git-lfs becomes unusable (even when deactivating Avast). With Avast deactivated, I succeeded in reinstalling git-lfs (with considerable problems, see below). However, I now have to deactivate Avast every time I run git-lfs on the WSL (I didn't manage to add an exception), which is quite annoying (and I do not think it likely that the threat perceived by Avast is real). Does anyone have any advice on what to do?


enter image description here

This is the Avast log (in German, the English Avast equivalent seems to be "Threat Secured; Moved ... to Virus Chest because it was infected with ..." / for the 2nd from the top: "Threat Secured; Safely aborted connection on ... because it was infected with ..."). The oldest entry (12:10) was when I first got the problem. The entry at 12:13 was a retry (without reinstall of git-lfs). The entry at 12:17 was when I downloaded the newest git-lfs version from - I had to deactivate Avast to complete the download (the SHA256 checksum was valid). The entry at 12:48 was created after the reinstall of git-lfs.

重新安装git-lfs的更多详细信息: 这也许是题外话,但我在重新安装git-lfs时也遇到了很多问题。在WSL上,我得到

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enter image description here

(等同于英语:“文件访问被拒绝。您需要执行此操作的权限。您需要'计算机管理员'的权限才能对此文件进行更改。”)唯一可行的方法是复制新下载的git-lfs Windows资源管理器中将文件复制到目标文件夹-旧文件被覆盖而没有任何投诉。