• When deploying an iOS we need to go through these steps: 1. build a flutter app in release mode, which will make an .app file/folder 2. archive & sign the .app file which will convert it into .ipa 3. send the signed .ipa to the appstore
  • flutter apps can have 3 modes: 1. debug 2. release 3. profile
  • running flutter build ios creates a build/ios folder, including the Release-iphoneos/Runner.app


  1. Is the build/ios/Release-iphoneos/Runner.app that Xcode converts into .ipa?
  2. What happens if I don't run flutter build ios before? Will Xcode use only a debug mode of my app? If so, how come it removes the debug flag in the upper right corner? enter image description here
  3. When I clean my build folder in Xcode (shift+cmd+K) and then I archive the app and it will still build a new .app and then it converts it to .ipa. What mode was this .app created in? Was it a release app? If so, again, why is it necessary to run flutter build ios before and why not just archive it from the Xcode?