Now I have been looking RNN's for a while. And the vanilla version seems pretty obvious to me, a model trains by running each word in a sequence through the network one at a time. Here in the rolled and unrolled version: enter image description here


Now i went on to look at lstm networks, where this model is used for a LSTM "cell" enter image description here

The way it is decribed to me in many articles and videos, this cell is a model of what it looks like inside of a single neuron of the lstm network. This makes sense to me. However, I then find a model like this: enter image description here

在这里,似乎序列的每个元素都经过单个神经元,然后继续前进到下一个元素,这对我完全没有意义。 LSTM的意思是



  1. 我完全误解了培训的工作方式