Jsoup,Java,Android Studio-无结果

I am currently writing an android app in android studio. I would like to connect with gog.com and search for a specific game. I have done this with steam and it works fine. When I want to search for a game at https://www.gog.com/games?page=1&search=game_title&sort=popularity it does not work.


String search ="https://www.gog.com/games?page=1&search=cyberpunk&sort=popularity";
Document doc = Jsoup.connect(search).get();
Elements titles = doc.getElementsByClass("product-tile__title");
for(Element title: titles){
    txt = title.text();
    Log.i("My_title", txt);

我默认写了“ cyberpunk”。该链接在浏览器中有效,但是当我使用Jsoup时,该链接返回“未找到结果”。 Cookie /用户代理/语言是否有问题?