Golang,数据库/ SQL,Postgres-在需要结果时是否将QueryRow与INSERT不良习惯一起使用?

The Go database/sql Postgres adapter does not support LastInsertId. From the docs:

pq不支持Result类型中的LastInsertId()方法   数据库/ SQL。返回INSERT的标识符(或UPDATE或   删除),将Postgres RETURNING子句与标准Query或   QueryRow调用。

But the Go database/sql docs recommend not using Query to modify the database because it:

保留数据库连接,直到关闭sql.Rows。以来   可能有未读的数据(例如,更多的数据行),连接可以   不被使用。在上面的示例中,连接永远不会   再次发布。


Most people recommend using QueryRow to do an INSERT with Postgres if you need the resultant row. I don't fully understand the technical reasoning given by the docs, but its seems to conflict with what I've read. Is it safe and considered good practice to use QueryRow to do an INSERT?