Suppose I have an User, and a Transaction model on Laravel. It doesn't matter the properties, they only have in common an uuid and a name field

Now I want to create an Audit model which will take more or less the following fields:

id       - The regular autoincrement id
ts       - The timestamp when the action is performed
actor    - The one who performs an action, its a reference to a user's id
verb     - Which action is performing over a certain object
object   - The object to which the action is performed
comment  - whatever


1, 1/1/2021 00:00:01, 1, 'create', User, 'bla bla bla'
2, 1/1/2021 00:00:02, 1, 'update', User, 'reset password'

But that will also apply to other kind of records like the Transaction I mentioned before