Ubuntu 20.04没有声音

My Ubuntu is complete mute. In the beginning in the Audio Settings, the only output was Dummy Output. I did everything here 1 and nothing, then I did the first step here 2 and now the output shown is HDMI/Display-Port -HDA NVidia, but still no sound. The system also doesn't recognize any input and nothing changes when a plug my headphone.


Cmd“ inxi -SMA”返回


设备1:英特尔Cannon Lake PCH cAVS驱动程序:sof-audio-pci


声音服务器:ALSA v:k5.4.0-29-通用

Alsamixer returns this 3

Cmd“ aplay -l”返回

**** Lista de Dispositivos播放硬件****

placa 0:NVidia [HDA NVidia],dispositivo 3:Generic Digital [Generic Digital]

分布:0/1 Dispositivosecundário#0:子设备#0

Cmd“ lspci -nnk | grep -A2音频返回:

01:00.1音频设备[0403]:NVIDIA Corporation设备[10de:10fa](rev a1)



And "pacmd list-cards" returns this 4.