Eclipse编译期间的C ++ strtok函数说没有在作用域中声明吗? [重复]

我正在练习一些C ++,但无法拆分用户输入。我正在将Eclipse 2020-03与mingw32-gcc-g ++-bin 9.2.0-1一起使用。下面是我的代码,

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

int main() {
 string orderbook_symbol[500000][8]; //orderid, ordertime, symbol, buy/sell, qty, price, exp time, strike
 string user_order;
 char * pch;
 string done= "done trading";

 while( != 0) {
     cin >> user_order;
     pch = strtok(user_order," ");


23:22:06 **** Incremental Build of configuration Debug for project stasd ****
Info: Internal Builder is used for build
g++ -O0 -g3 -Wall -c -fmessage-length=0 -o "src\\stasd.o" "..\\src\\stasd.cpp" 
..\src\stasd.cpp: In function 'int main()':
..\src\stasd.cpp:26:9: error: 'strtok' was not declared in this scope; did you mean 'strtol'?
   26 |   pch = strtok(user_order," ");
      |         ^~~~~~
      |         strtol
23:22:06 Build Failed. 1 errors, 0 warnings. (took 560ms)

I took the example here: and i don't understand why a function call is getting not in scope error.