I have a time comparison like x.end_time > current_time. It is working with below:

x.seminar_end_time > current_time.toString();

But instead of > symbol, I need to use .isAfter() function. I tried all the below cases. But none of them are working:

let current_time = moment(new Date()).format("HH:mm:ss");

let data = Details.filter(x => moment(, "YYYY-MM-DD").isSameOrAfter(current_date) && moment(x.end_time, 'HH:mm:ss').isAfter(current_time))

Details.filter(x => moment(x.end_time, 'HH:mm:ss').isAfter(current_time)) //which doesn't give any error. but it doesn't return any data.

Details.filter(x => x.end_time.isAfter(current_time))   //this one gives below error

Here value of end_time is '10:50:00' and the value of current_time 10:50:00. May be that is the problem.

console.log(“ current_time:”,current_time); //下面返回

enter image description here

console.log(upcomingSeminar); //下面返回

[   RowDataPacket {     end_time:'23:38:46',     // ...   }, ]