Firefox截断HTTP Intranet页面的URL

I spent quite a while exploring the forums looking for an answer to this specifically, but did not find one. If there is one on here please let me know. I am accessing our internal helpdesk site via Firefox. An example would be http://helpdesk/admin, when on the main screen, it shows that URL, however when clicking through the helpdesk, and moving into tickets it expands to something like http://helpdesk/admin/tickets/ticketnumber123456 for example.

Most browsers, like Safari, when displaying a ticket, will show the entire URL all the way to the ticket number. Making it very easy to copy and paste these out of the address bar into an email for communication to co-workers or other tasks. However now, in Firefox, when looking at a ticket, the address bar ONLY DISPLAYS http://helpdesk/admin, even when looking at a ticket that should have much more in the bar.