ReactJs this.setState不是一个函数

I'm trying to change the value of a with an <input> tag value, when I click on a <a> tag as follows:

 {this.state.json[1].map(i => (
             <a onClick={() =>} >
                   <input value={} hidden></input>
                   Create a New Folder

but the console says this.setState is not a function. This is my component:

    this.state = {
      json:JSON.parse(,//data received from a laravel controller used to 
      implement the page.
      objet: '',
      id: '',
      click: function(id){
          var a = id;//a is an integer 
          alert('hitting waypoint 1');//clear hit
          id: a,
          alert('hitting waypoint 2');//not alerting
          alert("id = " + alerting
    this.onChangeValue = this.onChangeValue.bind(this);
    this.onSubmitButton = this.onSubmitButton.bind(this);