AWS VPC无法将路由规则删除到不存在的IP范围

我一直在研究整个上午,但是这似乎超出了我对AWS VPC的了解。


eu-west-1 (Ireland)

  • I1:
  • I2:
  • I3:
  • I4:

us-west-2 (Oregon)

  • O1:

The VPC I'm working with is I1:

I1 and O1 Are peered.


  • NO1:

I have peered O1 and NO1. Peering works fine and the route tables do too.

The issue comes when I peered I1 and NO1.

  • Creating the peered connection was fine.
  • Adding rules to the NO1 route table worked fine.

My concern is the following: when I go to modify the route table for I1 I see the following rules.

  • local active (that's the IP range set for this VPC, expected)
  • local active (This is my issue)
  • inet active
  • Some other existing rules...

I don't understand the rule. The full IP range is being routed internally and:

  • 这不在VPC的IP范围内
  • 万一我丢失了某些东西,我检查了所有可以找到的VPC和子网。该IP范围没有任何内容。

When I went to modify the route table the and the rules cannot be deleted so I can only assume they were created by default.

My question is, how can this rule be active when the IP range is "non-existent"? Why I cannot delete this? I've never seen this range being added by default to a route table, is this something maybe AWS used to do ages ago?

I've added a rule routing traffic to my peered VPC. I'm hoping since it's more specific it will work fine. Am I right to think that?