Python list.sort()在我的课程中无法使用

Below is a segment of code I wrote for a class for a coding problem. I confused about why my use of the sort function doesn't work, in that it doesn't sort the list self.swimmers at all (See the code below, the commented out part actually works) This is 30% of the full class. I didn't want to make this too long, so I didn't copy the rest here. It would be great to know the possible reasons why my line of sorting code didn't work.

def finish_time(self, swimmer):
    found = False
    for s in self.swimmers:
        if swimmer ==
            swimmer = s
            found = True
    if not found:
        return "No such swimmer"
    swim_distance = self.laps * self.distance
    swim_time = swim_distance / swimmer.speed + \
        (self.laps - 1) * swimmer.turning
    return swim_time

def winner(self, *k):
    #for s in self.swimmers:
    #    s.finish_time = self.finish_time(
    #self.swimmers.sort(key = lambda s: s.finish_time) # the above 3 lines work
    self.swimmers.sort(key = lambda s: self.finish_time( # this doesn't work
    print(list(map(lambda s: self.finish_time(, self.swimmers)))
    if len(k) == 0:
        return self.swimmers[0].name
        output = list(map(lambda s:, self.swimmers[:k[0]]))
        return output