React Js:为什么img src无法通过props?

I am passing a prop (which contains a string link) into a component. This props is then used inside the src property of <img /> but this causes a broken image instead. What is the correct way of doing this without using the import...from... method in the beginning of my component. The code below shows other alternatives that i tried which dont work.

class Entry extends React.Component {

    render() {

        const link = '../../images/company-logo.png';
        const image = require(link);                                //error: cannot find module 
        const imagee = require('../../images/company-logo.png');    //works fine, but not ideal

        return (
        <div className="entry">
           <img src={this.props.imageLink}/>                        //results in a broken image
           <img src={link}/>                                        //results in a broken image
           <img src={imagee}/>                                      //works fine
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    You need to import the image first and then either use it directly as value of src attribute on img element or pass it to some other component as a prop

    import myImg from '../../images/company-logo.png';

    now either use myImg directly as a value of src attribute

    <img src={myImg}/> 


    <div className="entry">
       <SomeComponent img={myImg} />