sklearn LinearSVC是SVM还是SVC?

I was watching a YouTube video to learn about Support Vector Machines (SVM). In the video, he mentions that an SVM finds Support Vector Classifiers (SVC) for dividing the data as one step in their classifying process.

I have used LinearSVC from scikit-learn for classification, but I have a hard time understanding if the implementation of LinearSVC in scikit-learn is an SVM or an SVC, or if the description in the video is incorrect. I find contradicting descriptions on different sites.

  1. The accepted answer in this question states that LinearSVC is not an SVM, but either it does not say that it is an SVC.
  2. On the description page of LinearSVC it says "Linear Support Vector Classification", but under "See also" on this page, it says that LinearSVC is "Scalable Linear Support Vector Machine for classification implemented using liblinear".

据我了解,LinearSVC和SVC(kernel ='linear')并不相同,但这不是问题。