c4-pedestrian-detector.cpp:283:8:错误:在此范围内未声明“ Show_Detection_Steps”

I am trying to compile the CPP file present here and it is giving me the following error. I am new to this. Any help will be highly appreciated. Also, any other way to compile and run it will be helpful if I am making it wrong.

(base) ritika@ritika-HP-Pavilion-Laptop-15-cc1xx:~/Downloads/C4-Real-time-pedestrian-detection-master$ g++ c4-pedestrian-detector.cpp 
    c4-pedestrian-detector.cpp: In member function ‘bool IntImage<T>::Load(cv::Mat, char)’:
    c4-pedestrian-detector.cpp:283:8: error: ‘Show_Detection_Steps’ was not declared in this scope
  • dsed
    dsed 回复

    The code is indeed broken; Show_Detection_Steps is used before it is declared.

    由于实现模板的方法不同,一些编译器使您无法使用它,这可能是作者错过它的原因。但是,按照C ++语言,代码已损坏。