Is there a difference in behaviours with respect to the flags passed to the script on the shebang line vs. using the set builtin?


#!/bin/bash -e

# do stuff

set -e
# do stuff

(The question is not specific to -e flag but in general for any such flags).

Obviously the set [flags] is effective only from the point it's set. But are there any other differences in functionality/behaviour?

POSIX shell中的行为也一样吗?

  • 心乱
    心乱 回复

    Some operating systems may disallow or limit the use of arguments in the shebang. No such limit would apply to a set command in the script itself.

  • 心碎~囧
    心碎~囧 回复

    联机帮助页指出,“-e”具有不同的行为,这取决于是否存在POSIX模式。 除此之外,我从来没有注意到设置参数和扩展shebang之间的区别。 你为什么要问这个问题?