Vuex v模型到对象状态字段

I have a Vuex state, like this (it also has a getter, named configs:

configs: {

    1303401: {

        exampleValue: 'test'



I also have an input where I v-model the exampleValue from the Vuex store's state:

<input type="text" v-model="config.exampleValue" />

Here is the computed property I use to return the config:

config: {

    get () {

        return this.$store.getters.configs[1303401]

    set (value) {

        //this should set the configs[1303401] field with the updated exampleValue
        this.$store.dispatch('UPDATE_CONFIG', value)



The input's value changes to the value of config.exampleValue, so the computed data is not undefined, but the Vuex state does not update.

Also if I try to console.log the value in the setter, nothing appears in the console, so the setter isn't even executed

It is probably because it is not setting the config computed property, but the config.exampleValue, but I have no idea, how to handle that.